How can I get my street repaired?

For minor and emergency repairs such as patching potholes, flooding, cleaning drainage ditches, gutters, inlets and culverts, call the Street Department at 479-524-6554. Call 479-524-5136 to request more extensive repairs such as overlay, reconstruction or correction of major drainage problems. Staff will investigate each request and recommend the project for inclusion in the appropriate maintenance or capital improvement program.

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1. How can I get my street repaired?
2. A utility company (Water Department, Arkansas Western Gas, Siloam Springs Electric, Cox Communications Cable TV, CenturyTel Telephone) has dug a hole in my street. Who is supposed to make repairs?
3. My street is being rebuilt as part of a Capital Improvement Program. Who do I contact to ask questions about scheduling and construction problems?
4. Who do I call about getting repairs done or for other problems on a freeway or county road?