Can I set up Autopay?
  • Yes, you can set up autopay many ways
    1. Auto -draft is available through our online service provider
      • Xpress Billpay provides you the ability to set up auto pay online via credit or debit card, and e-check.  They also let you choose the date for you auto pay.  Please note your due date.  If you choose a date after the due date, you will acquire a late fee.
    2. You can bring a voided check to the office at City Hall, 400 N Broadway
      • If you chose to do the auto-draft from a cancelled check, keep in mind that this will always come out on the scheduled due date, but the amount to be drafted will get sent to the bank up to 2 days before for processing. Any changes made to your bank account will need to be provided to the City prior to the City sending the auto-draft information to the bank.
    3. You can send an email to with a picture of your check and the address you wish to be put on autopay.

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