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March 16, 2020 2:35 PM


On March 16, 2020, Siloam Springs City Administrator Phillip Patterson declared a city-wide Public Health Emergency in response to COVID-19. Please see the link below for the latest City restrictions, closures and cancellations.

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October 20, 2020 2:32 PM

Governor Hutchinson 10/20/2020 COVID Press Conference
>This is the 153rd update the Governor has given
>Unemployment went from 7.4% to 7.3% in the last month
>Governor Hutchinson was in a meeting with an individual who tested positive, though the Governor was not within six feet of the individual, he has taken precautions to limit his interactions. Goveror Hutchinson had COVID tests Monday, both PCR and antigen tests were negative.
>628 new cases in the last 24 hours with 216 probable cases. 840 total cases.
>Up 24 to 637 hospitalized.
>Up to 14 to 1576 deaths.
>100,000 Arkansans have had COVID-19.
>7,159 active cases
>Testing- PCT= 5439 tests, antigen 2,429 tests.
>Cumulative positivity rate 7.6
>Antigen positivity rate 14.9%
>Hospitalizations are a concern. Capacity is “tight”
>NW public health region has a growth rate of 8.3%
65+ is still the fastest growing age demographic at 7.5% growth rate, although ages 0-17 is 4.4% growth and 17-24 is 4.3% growth.
>Positivity rate has edged up some over the last few weeks.
>To date in October= 187,970 PCR tests and 24,638 antigen tests
>Counties with more than 20 cases: Pulaski 62, Washington 39, Benton 38, Craighead 32, Crittenden 25, Crawford 21, Green 20
>Latest numbers show that the mask mandate is not being adhered to recently. We need to continue to wear masks, use social distancing and wash hands frequently.
>October 11- October 17: 20 different schools had some type of learning modification, which is an increase from the week before.
>There have been 158 total learning modifications since the beginning of school, but only 16 currently active district modifications.
>Issued a proclamation for October 20 as a day of volunteer prayer for Arkansas.

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October 13, 2020 2:35 PM

Governor Hutchinson 10/13/2020 COVID Press Conference
>Executive Order to continue the public health emergency for the next 60 days.
>There is still hospital space, even with high numbers in the hospital
> Up 481 PCR cases in last 24 hours, and added 199= 680 new cases to the total
> Down 3 to 605 hospitalizations, 110 on ventilators
> Up 24 deaths, 1462 deaths from COVID
> 5990 PCR tests, cumulative 7.6% positivity rate
> 1472 antigen tests
> 88,870 confirmed cases, with 84,055 recovered
> 7,839 active cases
> Highest growth in cases is in Northeast Arkansas (over the last week)
> Growth rate in 65+ is highest rate. The 18-24 age group growth rate has been reduced significantly.
> Pulaski 56, Benton 44, Craighead 32, Lonoke 24, Garland 22 cases
> You can have COVID and flu at the same time. ADH urges all Arkansans to get a flu shot.
> We need to continue to be vigilant against COVID. Wear a mask, continue social distancing, and wash hands thoroughly and often.
> Governor encourages people to spend money with businesses who are safe and follow the guidelines.

October 6, 2020 2:14 PM

Governor Hutchinson 10/6/2020 COVID-19 Press Conference
>Updates to the Long-Term Care Directive Update- We need to adjust protocols for nursing homes so they can have visitors.
>Minimum visitation at long-term care facilities may occur in the following situations if approved by the resident's health care provider- medical treatment, compassionate care situations.
>Expanded visitation may occur at Long=term care facilities that meet the following requirements: the facility has not had a newly positive COVID case in 14 days; the facility meets all staffing requirements; the facility has adequate PPE to meet the needs of residents and staff; the facility screens every visitor, employee, contactor, and vendor entering the building; and the facility will restrict access to persons who do not meet screening criteria.
>Halloween Guidance: wear a cloth face covering instead of a costume mask alone or on top of your cloth face covering; limit the number of houses children visit; only eat factory-wrapped candy that has been wiped with a sanitary wipe. Low-risk activities include: carving and decorating pumpkins, decorating your house, having a virtual costume contest.
>CASE REPORT- up 532 in last 24 hours to 84,203 cumulative cases
>Up 5 hospitalizations to 529 (new high)
>Up 22 deaths to 1321 Arkansans who have died from COVID
>6,157 PCR test, 7.7% cumulative positivity rate
>1,059 antigen testing, 12.6% positivity
>Active cases in colleges has gone down, but the active cases in the 0-17 age group has gone up with a 5.3% growth rate over the last week.
>Top counties: Washington County 57, Pulaski 43, Benton and Faulkner 27, Sebastian 25, Craighead 23
3,841 probably cases
>White House says we are showing an impressive decline, but we need to temper that with continued vigilance and continued mask wearing, increased hand washing, and physical distancing.
>22 schools are currently in some form of modification
>6 new active modifications in schools
>25% are virtual learners right now.
>Engage Arkansas= provide support to districts on reengaging students. These will be in education renewal zones. Engage Arkansas will create strategies for students who are disengaged, no-shows, and at-risk students. The program will include telehealth counselors and academic coaches.