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March 16, 2020 2:35 PM


On March 16, 2020, Siloam Springs City Administrator Phillip Patterson declared a city-wide Public Health Emergency in response to COVID-19. Please see the link below for the latest City restrictions, closures and cancellations.

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June 4, 2020 2:45 PM

Governor Hutchinson COVID-19 6/4/2020 Press Conference
-Yesterday 8,067, additional 358 to 8,425 cases (only 2 from correctional facilities)
-Deaths increased by 9 to 151
-Hospitalizations down to 137
-Predominance in NWA with Washington County 111, Benton County 92 new cases
-4350 tests- 5.2% positivity rate
-2,355 active cases- 2217 active cases in the community
-5,919 have recovered
-234 new cases in the Northwest Region, which is 65.4% of total new cases
-Huge spike in cases in NWA
-White House gating criteria for reopening: State and local officials may need to tailor the application of these criteria to local circumstance
-Phase Two: For states and regions with no evidence of a rebound and that satisfy the gating criteria a second time
-Of new cases, approximately 50% of new cases have Spanish last names
-12,199 tests so far this month. On track for June goal.

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June 2, 2020 2:26 PM

Governor Hutchinson COVID-19 6/2/2020 Press Conference
-State Revenue Report: May- up $80 million over the revised forecast
-May 3.4% below state revenue compared to last year.
-7,443 cases, up 375 cases to 7,818
-Highest number of community cases- 374, 1 in correctional facility
-2,115 active cases- 1,989 active cases in the community. #1 county with new cases is Benton County with 65 new cases
-5,567 recovered
-121 hospitalizations, 11 new to 132 (now at the highest number of hospitalizations)
-133 deaths yesterday, up 3 to 136
-Cases are a result of additional testing- 3,807 tests
-Positivity rate of 4.4% rate yesterday
-Testing for June- all nursing home resident and staff person; approximately 50,000
-June’s goal is 120,000 tests
-90% of new cases in Benton County were Latinx
-Latinx outreach group has 28 members- to communicate the significance of the COVID-19 virus in the Latinx community.
-How are protests affecting COVID-19? Large crowds with no social distancing, but majority are wearing masks.
-Contact tracing would be very difficult if someone at a protest had a positive protest
-Governor has not made a request for the national guard
-In terms of last night and ongoing protests we have across the Arkansas and across the nation- there were those who turned violent and turned to destruction of property and ASP arrested 5 Arkansas residents. Arkansas State Police will be out again tonight and will make arrests to looters and those not peacefully protesting.
-Phase Two of reopening is on pause. Not appropriate until we have more data and more confidence. Opening up will be Statewide, so if one area has an increase it will affect the rest of the State. What might be a low caseload today might change quickly.
-Of the 136 deaths, 5 have been Latinx

June 1, 2020 2:18 PM

Governor Hutchinson COVID-19 6/1/2020 Press Conference
Yesterday 7,253 cases; increase of 190 cases to 7,443 cases (187 community cases)
1,909 active cases: 78 in nursing homes, 53 correctional, 1,778 active community cases
5,401 who have recovered
Up to 121 hospitalizations, net increase of 6 from yesterday
133 deaths to date
3,798 tests in last 24 hours- 6% positivity rate
Tested 80,808 in May
Adding all nursing home residents and staff in June
Early peak in April, flattened out and the trend line in up- something we want to reverse
Northwest Region- new cases have spiked; reminder that each region has a different time frame and realize that we are not passed the virus.
45 hospitalizations in NWA.
Tyson will test every worker in the plants, Simmons has health centers to help maintain the health of workers- testing all staff and applicants. Working hard to keep the supply chain moving.
1,749 tested positive in NWA, 5.8% positivity rate
281 tests for 10,000 compared to 442 tests for 10,000
Growing number of cases in the Latino community- 43% of cases in NWA were Latino
985 active cases in NWA
608 cases in Benton County- 5% positivity rate
28% of positive cases in the NW Region are poultry workers
571 total poultry workers who have been infected with COVID-19