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March 16, 2020 2:35 PM


On March 16, 2020, Siloam Springs City Administrator Phillip Patterson declared a city-wide Public Health Emergency in response to COVID-19. Please see the link below for the latest City restrictions, closures and cancellations.

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August 13, 2020 2:27 PM

Governor Hutchinson 8/13/2020 COVID-19 Press Conference
>Up 652 cases to 51,766 cumulative cases
>Down 13 to 473 hospitalizations
>Up 9 to 582 deaths
>Decline in active cases to 6,582
>5,192 tested in last 24 hours
>Rolling average continues to go down
>As we move into school, we will have more cases- specifically the 10-18-year age group
>7 day percent positivity among children (July 1-present) is going downward.
>652 new cases- 639 community, 13 correctional cases
>added 786 recovered persons to 44,602 total recoveries
> 6,582 active- 71 nursing homes, 735 correctional; 5,776 community cases
>Total testing 67,416 to date
>Arkansas Ready to Learn Healthy School Guide- best practices for school officials, educators and families to get back to on-campus learning
>Dr. Pfeffer, Dpt. Of Education- understands that parents and kids are fearful going back to school.
> Supplies look at little different this year since school supplies will not be shared. New supplies include hand sanitizer, face masks, water bottle
> Schools received CARES funding already to help with PPE

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August 12, 2020 2:45 PM

Governor Hutchinson COVID-19 8/12/2020 Press Conference
>Up 703 new cases up to 51,114 cases in Arkansas
>Of the 703= 678 community cases, 24 correctional facility cases
>Up 818 to 43816 recoveries
>6,725 active cases- 69 nursing home cases, 741 correctional, 5,915 community cases
>Down 21 to hospitalizations to 486
>Up 7 to 573 deaths
>703- increase from yesterday, down from previous three days
>Top Counties= Pulaski 78, Sebastian 43, Logan 47, Garland 42, Jefferson 33, Pope 30 more under including Washington
>4,401 tests done yesterday
>The virus is in every community of the State- both rural and urban areas
>Positivity rate- approximately 7.5% positivity
>Consortium of states and the Rockefeller Foundation will work together to strengthen our place in the marketplace for testing, commercial labs, etc. Governor signed a letter of intent to join the consortium
>Governor is visiting high school in Monticello to do a visual inspection of their preparation. To see how we can better prepare for the upcoming school year.

August 11, 2020 2:26 PM

Governor Hutchinson 8/11/2020 COVID-19 Press Conference
>Up 383 to 50,411 cumulative cases- 313 community, 69 correctional cases
>Down 1 to 507 hospitalizations
>Up 11 deaths to 566
>4,140 tests done in last 24 hours 9.25% positivity
>Cumulative Antigen tests to date in August += 1836
>Working to provide school district level data for active cases, positivity rate and cumulative cases. Working with ACHI to get that done and be able to have that information for school districts.
>868 recovered since yesterday 42998 recovered
>6,847 active- 60 nursing home cases, 817 correctional, 5970 community cases
>Top counties= Pulaski- 63, Sebastian 31, Carrol 20