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Governor Hutchinson issued Executive Order 20-43, requiring face covering on July 16, 2020. The mandate goes into effect Monday, July 20, 2020 and will continue throughout the public health emergency. 

1. The Secretary of Health shall issue a public health directive requiring every person in Arkansas to wear a face covering over the mouth and nose in all indoor environments where  they are exposed to non­ household members and distancing of six (6) feet or more cannot be assured and in all outdoor settings where there is exposure to non­ household members, unless there exists ample space of six (6) feet or more to practice physical distancing. The following shall be exempt from wearing a face covering:
a. Persons younger than 10 years of age;
b. Persons with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering;
c. Persons performing job duties where a six (6) feet distance is not achievable, but a mask is inhibitory to the ability to safely and effectively perform the job duty;
d. Persons participating in athletic activities where a six (6) feet ,distance is not achievable, but a mask is inhibitory to the
e. Persons consuming food or drink;
 f. Persons driving alone or with passengers from the driver's household;
g. Persons receiving services that require access to the face for security, surveillance, or other purposes may temporarily remove a face covering while receiving those services;
h. Persons voting, assisting voters, serving as poll watchers, or actively performing election administration duties; however, face coverings are strongly encouraged;
i. Persons engaged in religious worship activities; however, face coverings are strongly encouraged;
j. Persons giving a speech or performance for broadcast or to an audience; however, those persons shall safely distance from nearby individuals;
k. Persons in counties where the Department of Health has certified that risk of community transmission of COVID-19 is low. To be considered low risk, the county must not have a newly identified case of COVID-19 for twenty-eight (28) consecutive days, assuming there has been adequate testing in the county.

2. Executive Orders of the Governor issued pursuant Ark. Code Ann. §§ 12-75-101, et seq., have the force and effect of law. Additionally, pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 20-7-101, violation of a directive from the Secretary of Health during this public health emergency is a misdemeanor offense, and upon conviction thereof is punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500).

3. Law enforcement and local officials have the authority and are encouraged to enforce this directive.


The #SiloamCares voluntary public health campaign is to encourage businesses to enforce guidelines and public health directives issued by the Arkansas Department of Health and Governor Hutchinson. This includes employees and customers wearing masks when social distancing cannot be ensured. The #SiloamCares campaign will launch Monday, July 13 and continue through the public health crisis as defined by Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas Department of Health. 

Businesses who choose to join this public health campaign will:

  • Sign an agreement stating they will comply with and implement the current directives (according to their industry) and practice the COVID health guidelines as put forth by ADH. This includes those who enter the building wear masks and practice social distancing.
  • Require employees and customers wear masks when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Use the hashtag #SiloamCares
  • Be collectively promoted through the city’s website and social media
  • Try and accommodate at-risk customers with vulnerable hours, deliver, curbside pickup or other options.
  • The first 200 businesses to sign up will be provided with 50 disposable masks. *when available*

The City of Siloam Springs has created a new page on the city website (yes, right here!) where information can be found about the campaign. A list of businesses who have signed up will be found below.

Member businesses will be promoted on the City’s website, social media platforms, local media, and various other digital and print materials. Businesses can place the #SiloamCares campaign graphics at their location and on social media to show they are a part of the campaign.

Directives for Businesses:

The Arkansas Department of Health provides the following directives for businesses:
Directive for BUSINESS LIMITATIONS (all businesses)
Directive for GYMS/FITNESS CENTERS/ATHLETIC CLUBS (updated June 15)
Directive for BARS/CLUBS (updated June 15)
Directive for RESTAURANTS DINE-IN OPERATIONS (updated June 15)
Directive for CASINOS (updated June 15)

Guidance and Guidelines:

The Arkansas Department of Health provides the following health guidances:

Guidance for Bankers Association
Guidance for Business/Industry Facilities
Guidance for Cashiers
Guidance for Employers
Guidance for Employers on COVID-19 Positive Workers Return to Work
Guidance for Funeral Homes 
Guidance for Gyms-Outdoor Activities
Guidance for Livestock Auction
Guidance for Retail Stores
Guidance for Veterinarians

Guidance for Child Care Services 
Guidance for Educators
Guidance for Emergency Food Service and Delivery

Guidance for Places of Worship
Guidance for Homeless Shelters and Services

Guidance for Chiropractors
Guidance for Dentists
Guidance for EMS 1
Guidance for EMS 2
Guidance for Healthcare Providers
Guidance for Healthcare Workers Exposed-Return to Work
Guidance for Long Term Care Facilities to Expand Visitation, Activities, and Communal Dining
Guidance for Patients in Home Isolation
Guidance for Pharmacies
Guidance for Obstetrical Care
Guidance for Orthotists, Prothetists, and Pedorthists
Guidance for Optometry

#SiloamCares Graphics for Business Usage:

CLICK HERE for graphics for the entrance sign and social media graphics.

Please contact Communications Officer Holland Hayden at 479-238-0940 or hhayden@siloamsprings.com for advanced graphics, fonts, etc. 

Directive on Business Limitations Phase II:

For your convenience the business limitations (from the Directive on Business Limitations Phase II) is written out below:
graphic Arkansas Department of Health logo and info

May 8, 2020

Quarantine Requirement Revision Effective Date: June 15, 2020

The Secretary of Health, in consultation with the Governor, has sole authority over all instances of quarantine, isolation, and restrictions on commerce and travel throughout Arkansas, as necessary and appropriate to control disease in the state of Arkansas as authorized by Ark. Code Ann. §20-7-109--110. Based on available scientific evidence, it is necessary and appropriate to take further action to ensure that COVID-19 remains controlled and that residents and visitors in Arkansas remain safe.

The Secretary of Health has issued this Directive in conjunction with Executive Order 20-25, which imposed limitations on businesses in the state of Arkansas to limit the spread of COVID-19. This directive to include the following steps that must be taken to protect the people of the State of Arkansas from COVID-19.

All businesses, manufacturers, and construction companies must implement the following protocols for diminishing the threat of COVID-19:

a. Limit the number of people who can enter into the facility at any one time to ensure that people in the facility can easily maintain a minimum six-foot distance from one another.
b. At places where lines form at a facility (inside or outside), facilities should mark off six- foot increments at a minimum, establishing where individuals should stand to maintain a physical distance of six feet.
c. Employees entering a facility should wear a face covering to diminish potential spread if they are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic for COVID-19, especially when maintaining a physical distance of six feet is not possible.
d. Customers or members of the public entering a facility should be strongly encouraged to wear a face covering to reduce the potential for introducing COVID-19 into the facility.
e. Employees should be screened for fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell as they are entering the building at the beginning work.
f. Provide hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant at or near the entrance of the facility and in other appropriate areas for use by the public and employees, and in locations where there is frequent employee interaction with members of the public.
g. Retail businesses are encouraged to provide contactless payment systems or provide for the disinfection of all payment portals, pens, and styluses after each use.
h. Regularly disinfect any high-touch surfaces.
i. Signs must be posted at all entrances advising the public not to enter if they have fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell, and if they have had known exposure to someone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days. An example can be found here: https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/pdf/COVID-19_No_Entry.pdf
j. Signs must be posted at all building entrances advising the public that they may wish to refrain from entering if they are 65 years of age or older or have underlying health conditions including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, severe obesity, asthma or weakened immunity. See above link for an example.
k. Employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19 must be reported to the Arkansas Department of Health. Businesses should assist ADH staff in conducting contact tracing in their facilities, in order to prevent an outbreak from occurring.
l. Consider maintaining a log with dates and time of persons entering a facility to facilitate contact tracing in the event an outbreak occurs.