Net Metering

Sec. 98-75. - Net metering policy and procedures.
(a) Renewable energy defined: For purposes of this chapter, renewable energy shall be herein defined as energy generated from wind, photovoltaic, or solar generation. Such generation shall be developed by consumers under the provisions of applicable codes and regulations affecting such development.

(b) Purchase agreement required: No energy shall be purchased from consumers without the completion of an energy purchase agreement between the city and the consumer.

(c) Connection and meter: In order for the city to purchase surplus renewable energy from a consumer, the consumer shall pay for the cost of a connection and metering to the City of Siloam Springs electric system. The connection and meter shall meet the conditions set by the most current National Electrical Code and the Siloam Springs Electric Department for safety, reliability, and accuracy. All power delivered to the consumer who has such an agreement will be delivered through existing service lines and metering apparatus at rates applicable to the customer class.

(d) For net-metering customers whose bills do not include a demand charge, all electricity consumed by the net-metering customer shall be billed under the currently effective standard rate schedule and any appropriate rider schedules and all electricity generated by the net-metering facility shall be credited at avoided cost. The value of the kilowatt-hours of electricity generated by the net-metering facility shall only be credited against the value of the kilowatt-hours of electricity delivered to the net-metering customer. The avoided cost credit shall be applied directly to the net-metering customer's bill.

(e) Removal from system: The city reserves the right to remove any customer-owned generation source from the system without advance notice in the interest of safety, for the purpose of repair or testing, or as otherwise required to prevent damage and protect the integrity of the city's electrical distribution infrastructure.

(f) Implementation: The city administrator is authorized to adopt policies consistent with the terms of this ordinance in order to implement the purposes stated herein.

All electrical work will need to have a permit pulled. The standard electrical standards (NESC & City Codes) and inspections will apply.