Needing a permit from the City of Siloam Springs? You've come to the right place.
This is the virtual "one stop shop" for all your permitting needs. We offer the ability to fill out the permits online with your legally-binding electronic signature, or you can print off the permit and bring it to the appropriate City division.

Building (and building related) Permits

Accessory Building permit (printable PDF) 
Accessory Building permit 
New Single Family and Duplex Residential Building Permit  (printable PDF)
New Single Family and Duplex Residential Building Permit  (interactive)
Commercial Building Permit  (printable PDF)
Commercial Building Permit (interactive) 
Multi-Family Building Permit  (printable PDF)
Multi-Family Building Permit (interactive)
Remodel, Alterations, and Demolition Misc Residential Building Permit (printable PDF)
Remodel, Alterations, and Demolition Misc Residential Building Permit (interactive)
Demolition Permit (printable PDF)
Demolition Permit (interactive)
Electric Permit (printable PDF)
Electric Permit (interactive)
Electric permit for Solar Panel Installation (printable PDF)
Electric permit for Solar Panel Installation (interactive)
Mechanical permit (printable PDF)
Mechanical permit (interactive)
Plumbing permit (printable PDF)
Plumbing permit (interactive)
Grading permit (printable PDF)
Grading permit (interactive)
Road Bore permit (printable PDF)
Road Bore permit (interactive)
Street Cut permit (printable PDF)
Street Cut permit (interactive)

Business License/ Alcohol Licenses

New Commercial Business License (printable PDF)
New Commercial Business License (interactive)
New Commercial Business License with Grease Interceptor (Restaurant, Car Wash, Mechanic Shop) (printable pdf)
New Commercial Business License with Grease Interceptor (Restaurant, Car Wash, Mechanic Shop) (interactive)
New Home Business License
 (printable PDF)
New Home Business License (interactive)
Business License Renewal (printable PDF)
Business License Renewal (interactive)
Grease Interceptor (printable PDF)
Grease interceptor (interactive)

Click here for the license portal to renew / update / or make changes to your license online
(you must have your entity / license number in order to view or edit a license)

For alcohol licenses please call 479-238-0927

Fence / Driveway Permits

Fence Permit (printable PDF)
Fence Permit (interactive)
Driveway and Parking Lot Permit (printable PDF)
Driveway and Parking Lot Permit (interactive)

Fire Department Permits

Burn Permit (interactive)

Special Event Permits (must adhere to all Arkansas Department of Health requirements)

All special event applications MUST be submitted at least 15 days in advance of event.
Parade and Demonstration permit (interactive)
Parade and Demonstration permit (printable PDF)
Carnival and Special Event permit (interactive)
Carnival and Special Event permit (printable PDF)

Sign and Banner Permits

Banner permit (interactive)
Banner permit (printable PDF)
Sign permit (interactive)
Sign permit (printable PDF)
Sign variance form (interactive)
Sign variance form (printable PDF)

Planning Permits and Applications

Annexation Permit (interactive)
Annexation Permit (printable pdf)
Right of Way/Easement Closure Request (interactive)
Right of Way/Easement Closure Request (printable PDF)
Planning Commission and Staff Appeal Application Request (interactive)
Planning Commission and Staff Appeal Application Request (printable PDF)
Lot Line Adjustment permit (interactive)
Lot Line Adjustment permit (printable PDF)
Lot Split application (interactive)
Lot Split application (printable PDF)
Preliminary Plat application (interactive)
Preliminary Plat application (printable PDF)
Final Plat application (interactive)
Final Plat application (printable PDF)
Lot Consolidation application (interactive)
Lot Consolidation application(printable PDF)
Planning Variance application (interactive)
Planning Variance application (printable PDF)
Special Use application (interactive)
Special Use application (printable PDF)
Rezoning application (interactive)
Rezoning application (printable PDF)
Significant Development application (interactive)
Significant Development application (printable PDF)

Utilities Permits and Forms

Application for City Utilities, more than one person (co-applicants) (electric, water, sewer, trash) (interactive)
Application for City Utilities, one person (single applicant) (electric, water, sewer, trash) (interactive)
Application for City Utilities (electric, water, sewer, trash) (printable PDF)
Commercial Application for Service (interactive)
Commercial Application for Services (printable PDF)
Levelized Billing Application (interactive)
Levelized Billing Application (printable PDF)

Sales Permits

Garage Sale Permit (printable PDF)
Garage Sale Permit (interactive)