Siloam Springs ROCKS

What is Siloam Springs ROCKS?

It's a GIANT rock hunt for our community. Paint rocks, get outside, hide them around town, find other rocks, re-hide rocks and REPEAT! 

Siloam Springs ROCKS Facebook Group Page

Siloam Springs ROCKS FAQs

  1. WHAT KIND OF PAINT DO YOU USE? Any basic acrylic craft paint will work. Paint pens and Sharpies are a great option for more detailed work. You can help protect your artwork from the elements by applying some type of spray or painted on sealer.
  2. WHERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO START LOOKING? People are posting hints to hiding locations all the time, but some of the Hot Spots are the JBU trail, La-Z-Boy ballfields, downtown, and city park.
  3. WHERE CAN I HIDE THE ROCKS? Anywhere!! Just be respectful of local businesses, keep fellow rock hunters’ safety in mind, & stay away from areas that need to be mowed.
  4. DO I HAVE TO PAINT MY OWN ROCKS TO PARTICIPATE? Nope. Just join in the fun by posting pictures of the ones you find and hide them again for the next person.
  5. CAN I KEEP THE ROCKS I FIND? No, we would like to keep them in circulation for everyone to enjoy! Spread the love!
  6. WHAT CAN I PUT ON THE ROCKS? Let your imagination run wild!! The messages/images just need to remain family friendly and have the intent of bringing joy to someone's day. **Make sure to always include the FB symbol and "Siloam Springs ROCKS", so people will be directed to this group. That way we can all enjoy the finds. Painters have also been adding "Rehide Me" so people will know what to do, even if they don't check the site.
  7. ARE THERE OTHER COMMUNITIES PARTICIPATING? Yes!! Be sure to check out and join other local FB groups. Bella Vista Ar. ROCKS, Rogers ROCKS, Centerton ROCKS, Bentonville ROCKS, Fayetteville ROCKS, Pea Ridge ROCKS. 

Happy Hiding!

Siloam Springs ROCKS- Abby smaller
Siloam Springs rockslide rock
Siloam Springs Air balloon painted rock