A woman gently holding a cat and petting it affectionately.

The Siloam Springs Animal Shelter offers an excellent volunteer program managed by Tailwaggers NWA. This program provides an opportunity for the community to visit the shelter and engage with the animals. If you're keen on taking dogs for walks or spending quality time with the cats, kindly complete the application form provided below. Our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you to arrange a meeting at the shelter. Your involvement is greatly appreciated!

Volunteer Application (Interactive)
Volunteer Application (PDF)

Volunteer Opportunities

Dog Walking/Socializing/Grooming
This role requires completion of the Safe Shelter Animal Handling segment of our Volunteer Orientation. Assist our shelter dogs by providing exercise and interactive playtime outside of their kennels. You'll also be involved in training dogs for good manners and basic obedience, including commands like sit, stay, and leash walking. This effort significantly enhances their chances of finding a forever home. Additionally, you'll be responsible for giving baths, brushing, and dedicating quality one-on-one time to dogs, requiring a keen attention to detail.

Cat Socializing/Grooming
Successful completion of the Safe Shelter Animal Handling portion of our Volunteer Orientation is a prerequisite for this role. Help our cats discover their perfect homes by engaging in one-on-one interactions. Whether it's brushing them or simply allowing them to play, your involvement makes a meaningful difference.

Care for animals within the comfort of your home. This includes nursing mothers with their litters, abandoned kittens, underweight or injured animals, and those in recovery. Some cases might necessitate round-the-clock commitment for feeding and administering medications. This role is open to individuals aged 21 and older.

Fundraising/Special Event
Contribute to our year-round programs and events. If you're creative, organized, and well-connected within the pet-loving community, this role suits you perfectly. Commitment on a weekly basis is required for event planning meetings leading up to the events. Your dedication will also be needed on the day of the event, with varying hours.

Lost Love Cat Rescue at Petsmart
Would you be interested in assisting our cat rescue efforts with Lost Love Cat Rescue at Petsmart? Your responsibilities might include transporting cats and kittens to the Petsmart location in Fayetteville or providing support with these feline friends at the store, including facilitating adoptions. 

If any of these roles intrigue you, we welcome your involvement. Your contribution can make a significant impact in the lives of our shelter animals.

Please Note: If you are below 9th grade, it's required to have someone aged 18 or older accompany you at all times during your visit to the Siloam Springs Animal Shelter.