Infrastructure is a division of the Street Department funded by the Sales Tax Re-allocation. 

Infrastructure, along with the Street Department strive to provide safe and improved street and road conditions through a variety of processes.

  • Mill and Overlay -  A milling machine is used to remove the top layer of asphalt from a street.  Then an asphalt lay down machine is used to pave a new layer of asphalt in its place.
  • Street Repair-  They remove a short section of a street that has failed. Then repair that section by fixing the subgrade and laying new asphalt or pouring concrete.
  • Street reconstruction- An old or failed street is completely removed. Then crews put in new storm drain, rebuild the subgrade,  install curb and gutters, sidewalk, and lay new asphalt. 
  • Curb and Gutter repair – Old or damaged sections of curb and gutter are removed. The subgrade is fixed, and new curb and gutter concrete is poured in its place.  
  • Drain Culverts & Pipes – New pipe is installed where needed on projects. Crews also remove and replace culverts where needed due to damage. 
  • Drainage Projects - Crews repair existing drainage channels and retention ponds and when needed construct new ones.

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