Types of Businesses

Shopping Centers
There are several new shopping center developments over the last 5 years:
  • 2000 - Time Square with 11 units in the central part of town and Walmart Supercenter in the east part of town
  • 2002 - Ravenwood Plaza with 10 units in the east part of town
  • 2004 - Sunrise Plaza with 5 units in the east part of town and four new units in front of the Walmart Supercenter in the east part of town
There is 1 new shopping center development 5-10 years ago called the Tulsa Street Center.

Existing Theaters
There is 1 movie theater that opened in September 2007 called the Center Cinemas.

There is 1 live community theater, the Sager Creek Arts Center. The Arts Center opened in 1985, and offers the community live theater, music, art, literature, and children's programming.

Alcohol Sales
In November 2012, Benton County Arkansas voters approved the retail sale of alcohol.

In March 2013 the City Board of Directors approved Ordinance Number 13-03, amending Article IV zoning district regulations, by providing zoning classifications for retail controlled beverage sales.

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital opened in April 2012. The new facility is located in the northeast section of town, across the street from the Siloam Springs High School. A new medical offices facility will be open next to the hospital in 2013.

There are 4 other hospitals in each of the 4 other communities in Northwest Arkansas. All are either new or newly remodeled.

Nursing Facilities
There are two nursing facilities with a total bed number of 258.

Auto Dealerships
There are 3 new-car dealerships and all are located within 500 feet of each other on U.S. Highway 412. There is a Ford / Mercury dealer, a Chevrolet dealer and a Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep / Pontiac / Buick / GMC dealer.

There are no new new-car dealerships while there are several “used” car dealerships in the community.