Marketing Area

The Siloam Springs marketing area is 110,571 as of January 2006, and breaks down as follows:
City / County
Percentage of Population in Trade Area
2006 Estimated Trade Area Population
Siloam Springs
100% 14,000
Benton County 10% 19,135
Washington County 3% 5,771
Adair County
85% 25,208
Delaware County
85% 33,225
Cherokee County

Metropolitan Area Information
As set forth above, the 2015 retail trade area population is estimated at XXX,XXX persons, which translates into 31,592 households (3.5 members per household) which does some or all of its weekly shopping for goods and services within the Siloam Springs trade area.
  • Siloam Springs was selected as one of the top ten best small towns in the U.S. by the Smithsonian Institute in 2012.  
  • Housing: Over 1,200 platted residential building lots are in the community.
  • Our county, Benton, is the 2nd largest in the state, with 221,000 residents, the area's MSA has 482,000 (2012 Estimate).  The NWA Council has estimated that the area's MSA population is more than 500,000 as of 2015.