The Wastewater Division is funded by sewer service charges and connection fees. The primary goal of the division is to treat wastewater in accordance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements in order to protect the environment for the City and the surrounding area.

The wastewater treatment facility underwent a major upgrade that became operational in 2012. The new system is a biological nutrient removal (BNR) process that includes primary and final clarification. Treated wastewater is disinfected using sodium hypochlorite. De-chlorination uses sodium bisulfite before the water is discharged to the stream. The solids handling process consists of primary and waste-activated sludge thickening, aerobic digestion, and dewatering via a belt filter press. Dewatered solids are taken to the landfill. Learn more about the upgrades made to the wastewater treatment facility.


The division operates and maintains the wastewater treatment facility for the purpose of treating all received wastewater. Once the water has been treated, it is discharged into Sager Creek for recreational use. Wastewater treatment is designed to treat 5.3 million gallons per day (MGD).

 The Wastewater Division is also responsible for monitoring and regulating industrial wastewater discharges through the industrial pretreatment program, determining sewer service charges and connection fees for properties receiving City sewer service, and determining the need for grease interceptors for food service establishments. 


Wastewater discharge to the City sewer system is regulated by Chapter 98, Article IV of the Siloam Springs Municipal Code.

To view the Municipal Code online, click here.

Industrial users (IUs) who propose to discharge industrial wastewater into the sewer system must complete an application for a wastewater discharge permit.

All operations staff are licensed with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Anatomy of a Sanitary Sewer

The Sanitary Sewer is a complex system of underground pipes, manholes and pump stations that transport sewage from homes, businesses and industries to the wastewater treatment plant.  For an overview of the system click here.   

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Holding Tanks