Siloam Springs Police Department

Two Siloam Springs Police Department Patrol Vehicles

Established in 1919, the Siloam Springs Police Department serves a community of nearly 17,000 citizens. The Police Department is staffed with 45 SWORN Officers, 12 highly trained dispatch specialists and 5 civilian staff members.

It is our MISSION to defend the constitutional rights, assist individuals in the protection of their lives and property, keep the peace, and enforce the law in the most effective and just manner possible, all the while balancing individual rights with our responsibilities to the community as a whole. We strive to be a tactically and technically proficient police department, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of justice.


We Do Not Accept This Charge Lightly

The Siloam Springs Police Department is a purpose-driven group of employees, dedicated to providing professional service. In our daily duties, we follow three concepts we call our pillars; they guide our decisions, actions and results. These pillars are: 1) constitutionally correct action; 2) morally and ethically sound engagement; and, 3) restrained tactics that are strictly within the authority delegated to us. 

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State Accredited Agency

The Siloam Springs Police Department is an accredited agency with the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. Our decision to achieve state accreditation was made as a commitment to the community and demonstrates that the department holds itself to defined, measurable standards and law enforcement best practices, in the delivery of police services.