The Siloam Springs Fire Department has an ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating of 3 within our City Limits and 3Y in our county rural response areas. Collectively, we serve an area of approximately 65 square miles in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. The department includes the following services:

Paramedic ambulance service

Fire suppression


All hazard mitigation and fire safety education


The department consists of 51 full-time personnel:

  • Fire Chief
  • 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs
  • Division Chief - EMS
  • Fire Marshal
  • Administrative Assistant
  • 45 in Field Operations
  • The department is authorized to operate with 21 part-time members:
  • 15 Firefighter - Firefighter/EMT
  • 6 Part-Time Paramedics

EMS & Fire Response Coverage

  • Arkansas Primary EMS - Approximately 51 square miles
  • Oklahoma contract EMS - Approximately 14 square miles
  • Arkansas Primary Fire Response - Approximately 51 square miles
  • The Fire Department charges an out-of-city fee for services. This includes equipment, mileage, and personnel fees.
  • In 2015, amendments were made to the EMS Fee schedules for our Ambulance Service, these updates are posted just below this dialog box as required by Ordinance
  • All fire reports are held at Station #1. Fire reports will only be distributed to homeowners/renters or legal services and may be picked up during regular business hours.

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