What We Do

The City of Siloam Springs Electric Department currently serves 7,496 residential customers, 881 commercial customers and 227 industrial customers for a total of 8,604 customers.


In 2015, sales were approximately 250 million kilowatts with an annual peak of 57.4 megawatts in July, as measured by the monthly bill from Grand River Dam Authority.

Generating Assets

The city does not presently own any generating assets. The Electric Department operates 4 substations with a primary delivery point voltage of 69KV.

Service Area

The city's service area is 22.6 square miles. In this service area there are 187.2 miles of electric lines; 62.4 miles (33%) are underground.

Citizen Driven

The Electric Department is governed by the people of Siloam Springs, and is in operation for the citizen's benefit. The direction that the department takes is from the city's elected Board of Directors. This direction is passed through the City Administrator, to the Electric Department Director and then to the department itself. The department has 27 employees.


The City of Siloam Springs Electric Department is a member of Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma, Inc., (MESO), Missouri Public Utility Alliance and American Public Power Association.

Siloam Springs Electric Department receives its on site Job Training and Safety (JT&S) Services from MPUA and MESO.