Walking Trail

The Dogwood Springs Trail is the result of a 13-year undertaking by city residents, city staff, and the Parks Advisory Board members. Funding of the trail is made primarily through grants from the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, with matching funds from the City of Siloam Springs.

Although the exact location of the trail in future phases has not been determined, the trail will continue to grow until it links every park and green space with schools, our historic downtown, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Dogwood Springs Walking Trail

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Take a Walk Along the Dogwood Springs Trail!

The Dogwood Springs Trail offers countless benefits, including enhanced quality of life, health, fitness, relaxation, recreation, and a safe transportation alternative. A walking trail may be enjoyed by everyone, whether in a wheelchair or on a skateboard, with friends and family, or training for a marathon.

Watch it grow, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Please direct your comments or suggestions to Parks and Recreation.

mom pushing stroller and two boys walking on trail in the woods