Fee Information

Library Cards

There is no charge for residents of Siloam Springs or for those residents who live on the outskirts, but still pay the city utility bill. You must present a government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, state identification card, or a passport. In addition, you must have one other item listing your name and your current physical address. A post office box number must be verified by a current physical address. 

If you live outside the city limits, there is an annual fee of $10 per adult 18 and over and $5 per child ages 5 - 17. The identification requirements are the same as they are for city residents. These fees are payable with cash, check, credit card, or debit card.
A parent or guardian must have a current library card before their child(ren) are allowed to have cards.  


The methods of notification for overdue items are e-mail or phone/mail. Please let us know which method of notification you prefer. All bills will sent by mail. If you have placed a hold on an item, we will call you when the item comes in unless you specify you want this notification by e-mail only.

Overdue Items

There is a fine of $1.00 per day on overdue video games. There is a fine of $0.50 per day on all overdue CDs, CD/Books, DVDs, and new release books. Fines for all other overdue books, magazines and paperbacks are $0.10 per day. Any items due while the library is closed may be placed in the book drop at the front of the building. Fines will not be charged for the day(s) the library is closed.
If you have an item overdue for 1 week, you will receive an e-mail or a phone call reminder from the library. At 2 weeks past due, you will receive an e-mail reminder or a post card will be mailed to you at a cost of $0.50. If the item is not returned within 4 weeks, you will receive an e-mail or a final notice will be mailed to you at a charge of $0.75. At 2 months past due, you will receive a bill in the mail for the cost of the item(s) and any additional charges that are on your record due to overdue fees, mailing fees, and previous lost item(s). When charges reach $5, your library privileges will be suspended until all late charges are paid.

Lost & Damaged Items

These items will be assessed a $5 processing fee per item in addition to the cost of the item.

Renewing Your Card

Remember, your card is renewed each year. It does not need to be replaced. If you need a replacement card, there is a $3 charge. Please assist us by keeping all your account information current.

Copying and Fax Services

The charge for 8-1/2" x 11" single-sided copy is $0.10 per page for black and white copies and $0.20 for color copies. Charges for sending faxes are $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page. Charges for receiving faxes is $0.10 per page. There is no charge to scan a document through the copy machine. 

City Ordinance -Library Fees & Charges

Please check the city ordinance regarding library fees. 

Library Fines and Fees 

Please click here for the fines and fees schedule. 
Please contact a Library Staff member for more information!
Please call 479-524-4236 about any questions regarding the Siloam Springs Public Library.