Specifications & Restrictions

Upright Monuments

Individual monuments not to exceed 24 inches by 48 inches at the base. Double monuments not to exceed 96" in length. Vases may be attached to the base, no height restrictions. No polished stones bases without a margin.

Ground Level Monuments

Individual flat markers not to exceed 24 inches by 48 inches and may have only 1 vase. Double monuments not to exceed 96 inches in length and may have 2 vases. All vases must be inverting and mounted to the monument.

Foot Stones

Any foot stone placed in the cemetery must be ground level and may not have any vase.

Cremation Garden

Ground level markers cannot exceed 22 inches by 22 inches. No vases are allowed.


Maximum 24 inches by 18 inches ground level only - no vases.

Items placed in the cemetery that are listed below will be removed:

  • Handmade monuments or markers
  • Vases mounted any way other than into the actual monument or marker; no separate structures may be placed next to the marker or monument.

No over-sized monuments may be placed at the head or the foot of any grave; the base and any cement skirting must remain within the overall dimensions stated.

Flower Policy

Flower decorations should be placed on headstones, either in vases or as saddles on top of the stones. These are not removed by staff unless they are frayed and unsightly.

Maintenance Cycle

Decorations placed in or on the ground will only be allowed until the next maintenance cycle. November through February is typically the time when ground decorations may remain, however, exact dates are subject to certain weather extremes creating the necessity of unseasonal maintenance.

Holiday flowers should not be placed earlier than 7 days prior to the holiday and must be retrieved within 7 days after the holiday.

Shepherd hooks and glass containers are not allowed.