The Planning Division functions in two distinct roles: current planning and long range planning. Current Planning functions to review permit applications submitted to the division for staff review and recommendation to either the Planning Commission or the Board of Directors.  Long Range Planning functions to develop land use and conceptual plans for the community, such as the City's Comprehensive Plan and periodic Municipal Code updates. 

Watch the video below for more about Comprehensive Planning in Siloam Springs. 

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Current Planning

Current planning actively seeks to enhance Siloam Springs by offering permit review services to its residents. Planning Staff reviews all development permit applications for compliance with Siloam Springs' development standards and the City Code. The intent of these reviews is to maintain and improve our citizens' quality of life, protect the environment, and plan for the future needs of our community.  The division's one-stop current planning services include:

  • Use Permits
  • Lot Line Adjustment and Consolidation Permits
  • Lot Splits Permits
  • Preliminary and Final Plats Permits
  • Right-of-Way Closures Permits
  • Rezoning Permits
  • Significant Development Permits (projects greater than 5,000 sq. ft. in floor area)
  • Building Permit and Business License Review
  • Variances Permits

Applications and Procedures

Applications for all planning permits are found here. The procedures for submission, staff review, and application fees are found within the Development Procedures Manual

Click here for a guide to explain the City's application approval process.

For all meeting dates and submittal deadlines, please access the Planning Division's 2023 Development Calendar.

Zoning Map

The City's zoning map is often requested and is recommended as the first place to check before applying for a planning permit.  The City's zoning map is housed within a larger mapping system, known as a Geographic Information System, or GIS.  To access the City's GIS map, click here.  After reading and accepting the disclaimer, zoning is found by turning on the zoning layer, under the legend tab seen at the left side of the screen.  Planning staff recommends using the Firefox or Google Chrome web browser for the best possible viewing experience.  Please contact the City's planning staff if you run into difficulties using this system.  Click here for a chart which shows the allowed uses by zone.

Long Range Planning

The Planning Division's long range services also seeks to maintain the excellent quality of life in Siloam Springs by ensuring that land-use decisions reflect the community's core values and vision for the future. This vision is primarily maintained in Siloam Springs' Comprehensive Plan (PDF). Long range planning has also worked to update City Code and the plans as detailed below, these plan work to implement the community's vision in concrete objectives.

City Plans

Siloam Springs Sidewalk & Connectivity Master Plan

Master Mid-Block Crosswalk Plan

Downtown Connectivity and Master Plan

Downtown Parking Plan

Master Street Plan