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Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet!
Animals can be an important source of companionship and enjoyment. Adoption is an important undertaking and potential new pet owners should be informed prior to adopting.  You can view our available pets for adoption by clicking here.


What are your responsibilities as an owner?

State law requires that every animal adopted in a public shelter must be spayed or neutered. All dogs and cats we receive are healthy and exhibit good behavior are potentially adoptable animals. Many of our puppies, kittens and small dogs will be adopted quickly. If you take the time to e-mail us or call, you might lose a chance at adopting the perfect animal. The shelter is swamped with phone calls each day and you may only get our answering machine, so please come by and see us. We do not ship animals, so you must come in to the shelter for adoption.
When you adopt a pet, you are agreeing to keep the cat or dog in your possession. You are responsible for caring for the pet humanely and keeping it current with necessary vaccines as well as providing any medical treatment it may need. By law, all pets adopted must be spayed or neutered.
Adopting a pet is a serious lifelong commitment. They become your responsibility for the duration of their lives, which can be for 10-15 years or more. Feeding, grooming, exercising, and training are daily time commitments that must be considered in caring for a happy, healthy pet.


Things to consider before adopting a pet.

Do you have room for a pet?
Dogs require daily exercise, and large dogs need a large, fenced-in yard.

How do you spend your day?
Pets depend on people for daily attention and affection. Young pets
require time for house- breaking, training and feeding. Are you gone
from home all day? Do you travel a lot? What will you do with your pet
during those times?

Are pets allowed where you live?
If you rent or lease; be certain to check if your landlord allows pets and
what kinds are allowed.

Can you afford a pet?
The cost of owning a pet is much more than just the cost of acquiring it.
They need food, shelter, and veterinary care. Other costs to consider are
licensing, grooming fees, boarding fees, emergency medical treatments,
training fees and accessories.

Know what pet is appropriate for you before you adopt.
Selecting the right pet for you, your family, and your environment is very
important. Before adopting, do your research homework.


What you can do to provide the best match of a pet to your household:

  • Consult a library to research the different kinds of pets
  • Consult a veterinarian for an expert's advise on the physical needs, space requirements, costs and health and behavioral characteristics of the different animals
  • Consider the ages and number of children in your household
  • Check for pet allergies in your family
  • What activities do you enjoy? How you spend you free time can help you to determine what kind of pet is right for you.

Adopting an animal is easy.

Unclaimed impounded animals become eligible for adoption and can be viewed at the Siloam Springs Animal Shelter.To view eligible pets for adoption stop
by during business hours or call 479-524-6535 and make an appointment with
the Animal Control Officer to view the animals.

If you find an eligible adoptive pet that is appropriate for you and your family, it is just a matter of completing the appropriate adoption related documents, paying the required fees, & accompanying the A.C. Officer to the Vet's office for the pet's vaccination.


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