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Posted on: November 5, 2015

Basin 5 Project Nears Completion- Phase 1

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City crews are nearing completion of phase 1 of the Basin 5 sanitary sewer infrastructure project after months of work. This project has impacted residents along University Street, Garret and Maple. The completion date is this project is January 2016.

Project Background and Summary
Sanitary sewer lines function oppositely of water lines when they begin to deteriorate. Water lines leak water out into the ground while sewer lines allow water in from the ground.

The sanitary sewer system is divided into basins for mapping purposes. There are eight (8) basins identified within the City and each basin represents a particular area of the city. The sewer line that was chosen for replacement in 2014 and 2015 is in Basin 5.

Basin 5 encompasses an area from Raines Road (south) to University Street (north), and from just west of Mt. Olive to just east of Carl Street. The first phase, currently underway, involves replacing the sewer main from Twin Springs south to University and on University to 500 ft. west of Garrett Street.

Project Updates
• The Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) crew is currently working on tying in houses along University to the new sewer line. Once this is complete, they will then be able to abandon the old sewer line, which will take place next week (11/9-11/14).
• The T&I crew is also busy fixing up yards and paving driveways and curbs along University to restore that area to the way it was before the project began.
• The T&I crew will also work on milling and overlaying University beginning the week of November 16th.

Remaining Tasks for Completion of Phase 1
• Lay the new sewer line at the current Library.
• Install a foot bridge behind the current Library (this will replace the foot bridge that is currently there).
• Install the new sewer line underneath the bridge.

• Phase 1 is approximately 90% complete.
• The projected completion date for Phase 1 is January 2016.

Phase 2
Upon completion of Phase 1, the T&I crew will immediately begin work on Phase 2, which will replace sewer line on the south side of Twin Springs to Harvard Street.

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