Who We Are

Defend Constitutional rights, assist individuals in the protection of their lives and property, keep the peace, and enforce the law in the most effective and just manner possible, balancing individual rights with our responsibilities to the community as a whole.

Mission First - People Always!

A tactically and technically proficient police department, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of justice.

We, the women and men of the Siloam Springs Police Department, have dedicated ourselves to a professional life of service to our community. We have sworn to defend and support the Constitution of the United States of America, and of the great State of Arkansas. We have sworn to protect others, and to aid them in protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their property. We have sworn to enforce the laws enacted by the legislative bodies at the Federal, State and local level. 
We Do Not Accept This Charge Lightly

In our daily conduct, we are guided by six principles and their associated values: 

Efficiency: We are tactically and technically proficient, meeting society’s expectations to be prudent with our resources.

We are honest, forthright, and focused, pursuing the highest ethical standards.

We care about others and their circumstances.

We recognize the worth and diversity of individuals and cultures.

We remain steadfast in the performance of our sworn duty, showing neither undue favor or bias; exercising just practices in all we do.

We hold ourselves and others responsible of their actions in accordance with our delegated duties and authority.