Learn About...

  1. Code Enforcement

    Gain information on Code Enforcement, which sets out to promote and maintain a safe and clean environment for citizens by enforcing the City's Municipal Code requirements.

  2. Crime Prevention Methods

    Gain information on crime prevention and community policing goals are to reduce crime and public nuisances by carefully examining the problems in neighborhoods and working with citizens to apply appropriate problem-solving strategies.

  3. Electrical Utility Rates

    Discover details regarding the different types of electric rates such as residential, commercial, etc.

  4. Pet Adoption

    If you're interested in pet adoptions, access this resource to read through some tips and information to consider.

  5. Recycling

    Locate informational documents and resources on the topic of recycling and sustainability in Siloam Springs.

  6. Renting Park Facilities

    Access rental policies and facility rental applications both in English and Spanish.