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  1. Alcohol Permits

    Locate documentation related to various types of alcohol permits.

  2. Board Appointment

    Access the Board Appointment Application to apply for board appointment.

  3. Brush Pick-Up Program

    Locate details regarding the Brush Pick-Up Program which occurs once a month, by zone.

  4. Building Inspection

    Read more about the division that provides inspection services for all new construction activities.

  5. Jobs

  6. Commercial Business License (PDF)

    Find the application to apply for a new business license.

  7. Parade Permit (PDF)

    Apply for a Parade Permit from the City Clerks Office.

  8. Police Report

    See a description of the civilian support unit, which provides general record management and data entry for the department.

  9. Home Occupation Business License

    Application for a home business

  10. Permit

    Your one stop shop for all permits.