Electric Rates

  1. Commercial Rates

    Read about the rate that is available to commercial customers for single or 3-phase service for all lighting and power users if the total monthly demand does not exceed 50 kilowatts or the total connect load does not exceed 67 horsepower.

  2. Security Lighting Rates & Rural Surcharges

    See details that specifically pertain to the security lighting rates as well as rural surcharges.

  3. Small / Large Power Rate

    See information on the rate available for all 3 phase power and lighting customers whose monthly demand is both less than and greater than 250 KW.

  4. Residential

    Learn about the rate that is available for all domestic users in residences, individual family apartments, and private-rooming houses.

  5. Total Electric Rates

    Read about the Total Electric Rates program to find out how you can save money on your energy bills.

  6. Net Metering