What You Should Know

Check Out Limits
To check out items from the library, you must have a library card. Adults may check out 20 items. Of these 20 items, 6 may be DVDs and 1 may be a new release. Children may check out 10 items. Of these 10 items, 6 may be DVDs and 1 may be a new release. 
Check Out Period

All DVDs can be checked out for 1 week. All books, CDs, CD / Books, paperbacks and magazines can be checked out for 2 weeks. DVDs can be renewed 1 time. Other items can be renewed 2 times. New release books and Items with reserves on them may not be renewed. Please visit the library, call 479-524-4236 during business hours, or go to your account through Polaris to renew an item. Please look at our check-out page for further details.  
The library has 28 computers which are Internet accessible. 20 of these are in the adult area; 5 are in the young adult area and 3 are in the children's area. Adults 18 and over can use a computer and must sign in at the reference desk. All minors must have a parent or guardian sign an Internet permission slip to use the adult or young adult computers. This permission slip is kept on file or on the child's library record. There are 6 computers in the children's room for children's use. Two of the computers are Internet based and four are the AWE computers which are not Internet based. There are two AWE computers for preschool/younger elementary use and two AWE computers for older elementary use. There is also one Internet based computer for a parent or caregiver to use. A parent/caretaker must be in the children's room for the child to use the computer. There is no printing from the computers in the children's room. Copies that are printed from the adult or young adult area are $0.12 a page and can be picked up at the reference desk.
Card Catalog
There are two card catalogs at the adult computer area, one card catalog in the young adult area and one card catalog in the children's room. You may look for items by title, subject or author.

If you need assistance, please ask a member of the Library Staff. We are happy to assist you!
Please call 479-524-4236 about any questions regarding the Siloam Springs Public Library.